Occupancy plan for apartments

Occupancy plan for apartments

The occupancy calendar for apartments asks for an occupancy plan for your website, as well as the possibility of data transfer in Ical format to the booking portals. The calendar has various designs to choose from, so that there is a suitable calendar version for every website. In addition to the export of calendar data to the booking portals in iCAL format, a direct link to the calendar is possible. For all possibilities of calendar usage we provide the required code line for each object. As an additional incentive, we request a slider for your website. You can upload your photos and integrate the slider just like a calendar with a link (code line) into your website. The extensive settings for the occupancy calendar and slider make it easy to adapt to your website.

The first allocation plan K1 has a compact and clear annual format. Every visitor has an overview of all free and booked times. The K2 and K3 calendars are particularly suitable for viewing on mobile devices. The calendar K4 asks for a calendar summary of all your objects. In your personal workspace, you can create multiple calendars, maintain callouts, customize calendars, colors, and other settings. By entering the arrival and departure dates, you can create your reservations simply by clicking on them. These automatically appear in your website if you have inserted the code line there and transfer to the booking portals if you have inserted and saved the Ical code line in your workspace there

The function of data transfer in iCal format to various portals is essential and is needed by every landlord of the apartments working with booking portals. It is very time-consuming to maintain the occupancy calendars on several booking portals. Especially for several accommodations, this is very time-consuming employment. This function transfers the calendar data fully automatically. From now on, you only have to maintain the calendar (s) with us and your calendar data will be automatically received by the portals. About 95% of all leading and small portals already offer import function of the calendar data in iCal format.

After registering, you can start immediately and test the occupancy calendar for free and without obligation for 3 months. Our users are private and commercial landlords of holiday apartments and holiday houses, pensions, small hotels or other domiciles. In order to continue providing our services cost-effectively, the link to our page must remain on the calendars and not be altered or removed. This allows us further development and you more interesting features. On the next tab, "My workplace" , you can also test the features you have already developed without registering.

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