Last changes

We further developed our first project and uploaded the results here. What's new in this second project? First, the new modern responsive design. The website is now well represented on different sized screens. The objects and their calendars are displayed in blue frames. This will immediately see the next assignments of all your objects. The work calendar is now displayed in one line and even better optimized for the desktop PC and laptops. But you can still look at the usual annual overview on the lower extendable calendar K1. Also extended were the calendar types for the connection to your website. In the tab K2 you will find a monthly calendar, which is ideal for the responsieve websites. The calendar type K3 represents only one month with the possibility to click on further months. As a space-saving variant, it is well suited for the overviews. Calendar K4 is a monthly summary of the layouts of all your objects. By clicking the visitor of the website to any month. In the next tab "ical" you will find the familiar code line for the connection to the booking portals. And in the last tab is the list of all your reservations of the respective object with the possibility to delete them again. New here is the field to save comments on the bookings, e.g. the special wishes of the guest. Nothing is worse than the forgotten arrangements. Of course, there are a variety of useful settings here to best adapt the layout plans as possible to your website.

Now the time has come. We have added the new menu item "Mobile Office". From now on, our customers can maintain their occupancy calendar conveniently on the go with their smartphone or tablet. Here we have taken over the most important functions. These include creation and deletion of the objects and entry and deletion of the reservations. The entry of the date can be done in two ways, either by entry in the date field directly or even more conveniently the fields are automatically selected by clicking on the desired date in the occupancy calendar. The created reservations take effect immediately and are shown in color in the calendar and appear in the reservation list with the possibility to delete them if necessary. The calendar data in i-cal format are immediately available from the portals. Of course, you have the opportunity to switch back and forth between the main office and the mobile office at any time.

For advertisements on several portals fast mall can lead to a double booking if e.g. almost simultaneously booked on 2-3 portals one and the same period in a vacation rental. Many portals inform their users about the new reservations via SMS.
With our "mobile office", you can immediately respond to incoming reservations when you are on the move and your smartphone with Internet connection, almost completely eliminating the possibility of a double booking.

You do not have Internet access on your smartphone and you do not want to spend money on it? We give you a tip. The Sponsored Surf Basic tariff of offers you a free Internet Flat with 100 MB Higspeed data volume. After consuming the volume, you will still be online at low speed. This is completely sufficient for the care of the calendar completely.